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Paisley Hibou - Quail Bell Magazine


Crayons and Crystallomancy - It can be disheartening to walk down the aisles of your local toy or bookstore in search of the perfect coloring book, only to walk out of the shop empty-handed. Your child, whether your own or the one you baby-sit, deserves something a little less generic, right? After all, you want him (or her) to have the best food, clothes, education, and playthings, even if that means being a little old-fashioned or going to lengths other parents and nannies don't always understand. You take the same stance when it comes to what you give your kid at coloring time--only the best, even if "best" means being a little...eccentric.

Well, Rupert's Tales: The Wheel of the Year Activity Book by Kyra and Tonia Bennington Osborn completes your hunt for an awesome coloring book (at least until your child fills every page). Throughout the book, a chunky rabbit, fairies, and other woodland creatures help introduce your child to the world of pagan holidays. Full-page illustrations, puzzles, and games make learning about everything from yule logs to the spring equinox a charming and unique experience.

Here's to raising one open-minded kid!

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