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I want to reintroduce you to a rabbit

email from Schiffer Books letting me know that I had a package coming in the mail. And I had a feeling, that proved correct, that the next Rupert book was coming. But I was surprised to receive the Activity/Coloring Book as well.

Yes that is right, in the package was both the second book of Rupert’s Tales and the Rupert’s Tales activity book, both by Kyrja and illustrated by Tonia Bennington Osborn.

Now if you don’t remember the first Rupert book, then head over here and take a look. I will be right here when you get back.

Welcome back! The first book really is as wondrous as I said. I very highly recommend it to everyone who has kids and maybe even to those who don’t. Since I enjoy reading them so much, myself.

There aren’t words to describe this second book. Although I believe that both books were written at the same time, the second book is on a higher level than the last book. With new characters and one of the best inclusions of the Honoring of the Dead in a description of Samhain that I have ever read. Real enough to not be “fluffy-bunny” but not to hard for children to cope with or to understand.

Although with Ostara being the next Sabbat, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere, you may want to read this book in reverse since it runs from Samhain to Ostara. But I guarantee that you will enjoy all the stories the same.

Looking at the website home of Rupert, it appears that a third and a fourth book will be coming in the future and my daughter is waiting with baited breath. And that brings us to the second book that was in the package mailed to me. The activity book.

As of right now my youngest daughter, has asked me at least half a dozen times today if she can start coloring it. Mind you that has been in the last five hours alone. Drawn from the books themselves, Tonia Bennington Osborn has outdone herself on both of these books. With the activity book really capturing the feeling of the books, thereby giving the kids a chance to color their own story. And it isn’t just coloring pages, there are a few activities for the kids to do. Although the bulk of the pages are for coloring.

So where do you find Rupert on the web? Well here are some more links, not those found above.

Find Rupert on Facebook and Kyrja (the author) on Youtube.

And below is a link to Amazon (through my affiliate program) to pick up the books. And whether or not you click below or order through Rupert’s home on the web, be sure to pick up a copy of this wonderful book soon, your kids will love

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